Get ready to feel.

The SenseForce Pad-Extreme is a body-stimulating seat cover for an increased sound experience due to our innovative Sound Feel System. It has been developed for the usage of seating lounge furniture, with which mainly acoustic deep tones are made noticeably.

Ideally suited for


Sound Feel System

Dive into a new


Thanks to our Sound Feel System motion of objects and its direction can be detected and localized. This way you not only feel the touching of virtual objects on your body but can also determine whether objects move past or towards you.

Bass Support Technology

The base of every

good vibe.

The Bass Support Technology ensures that bass is perceived as immersive as possible on the whole body. The tactile stimulation is digitally reprocessed to make sure your entire body gets stimulated with vibration depending on the audio signal.

Control Panel

A question of


By using the control panel you can individually adjust your SenseForce Pad-Extreme to create a perfect, immersive experience. Not only the volume of your headphones can be directly and extremely easy adapted with the intuitive control panel, but also the characteristics, intensity and the stereo-experience.


Choose between 5 different characteristic options, and bring your gaming, film and music experience to a whole new level.


The Characteristics are just the beginning. Give your Pad-Extreme yet the necessary strength and adjust the vibration intensity according to your taste.


The stereo option allows you not only to experience a realistic sound image, but also to feel spatially.


Made for everyone.


Due to its comfortable, compact and universal fit the SenseForce Pad-Extreme can be installed very easily and without large expenditure of time on any seating furniture. Whether at home on the couch, in the office on the desk chair, or on your gaming chair


Get connected.

Always and everywhere.

The SenseForce Pad-Extreme supports all bluetooth enabled devices and devices that have an analog audio interface.

Plug & Play

Instant turn-on. The Pad-Extreme is delivered completely and can be coupled with your individual device via bluetooth or cable without additional accessories.

Bluetooth V4.2

Thanks to the bluetooth V4.2 compatibility you can easily connect with the pad-extreme. This function allows a range of 10 meters without interruptions and thus gives you more freedom when using.