Sound Feel System

Feel your Sound.

Our innovative Sound Feel System converts audio signals into high-fidelity vibrations and makes you feel every sound on your whole body. This way you not only feel the touching of virtual objects on your body but can also determine whether objects move past or towards you.

Tactile Location Identification

Directions of objects shown in the movie or game propagate tactile.

Directional Hitbox Sensing

Virtual events shown in the movie or game, such as bullet holes or explosions can be localized.

Sound Effect Simulation

The tactile stimulation is digitally processed depending on the audio signal and individually adjusted.

Seat Comfort Improvement

Our patented seat concept with optimized seating and back comfort ensures a more intense experience.


Experience a new Dimension.

Experience the sinking of the Titanic and feel the force of the collision with the iceberg. Revolutionize your home-entertainment and create a a tangibly real journey through your most fantastic movie worlds out of a casual Netflix session. Whether it’s action, drama or horror: Embark on an unforgettable adventure with SenseForce and relive your favorite movies as real as never before.





Take every breath of your enemy and always be your enemy one step ahead. Feel the impacts of shots and explosions around you. Immerse yourself into the diverse worlds of gaming and take part in the gameplay even more intensively. Embark in a new dimension of gaming and experience your favorite games as immersive as never before.


Become one with your beats.

Create your own concert and experience your favorite tracks on a whole new level. Feel how each beat goes through your body. Experience your songs even more intensely and merge with the music. Whether it’s pop, rock, rap or electro: Become one with your music and get the best vibes as close as never before.

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Join the Revolution.

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The Pad-Extreme is going to be released on Friday the 14th of december and will be delivered within 48 hours.